Subscription Prices for Dealers

  • Unlimited advertising time during the contract period.
  • Including full access to Boatvertizer, the ad management for yacht brokers.
  • You can adjust the tariff level you initially selected at any time if you want to publish more ads.
  • Monthly
  • Yearly-16%
Prices excl. VAT
  • Base Tariff

    0-5 Ads online

    EUR 50 / Month

    EUR 600 per year

    Dealer Sign Up
  • Up to 10 ads

    6-10 Ads online

    EUR 67 / Month

    EUR 800 per year

    Dealer Sign Up
  • Up to 25 ads

    11-25 Ads online

    EUR 83 / Month

    EUR 1,000 per year

    Dealer Sign Up
  • Up to 50 ads

    26-50 Ads online

    EUR 100 / Month

    EUR 1,200 per year

    Dealer Sign Up
  • Up to 100 ads

    51-100 Ads online

    EUR 108 / Month

    EUR 1,300 per year

    Dealer Sign Up
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Payment Methods

  • Bank Transfer quarterly or yearly
  • Credit Card monthly, quarterly or yearly

GTC Dealer Account (PDF | 146 KB)

Does the number of your ads vary greatly from month to month?

With our Flex tariff, the number of active ads is calculated at the end of each month and the tariff determined retrospectively.

Flexible Tariff

adjust tariff monthly based on the number of active ads

ab EUR 60 pro Monat

only possible with payment by credit card

Dealer Sign Up

Selling Options

In addition we offer a number of different options to choose from, therefore giving you the best opportunity to increase the visibility of your ad.

These selling options can be booked additional for individual ads.

  • Top Offer

    Up to 10x more visibility! Your advertisement appears alternately with other offers at the top of the search results.

    EUR 159.00   EUR 99.00

    Running Time 30 Days

  • Highlight

    The Highlight option emphasizes your ad with an eye-catching coloured band.

    EUR 19.90

    Running Time 30 Days

Dou you have questions about our dealer account?

Please contact us by email should you have any further questions or requests. We are here to help you seven days a week.