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Less is more – the Boat24 app focuses on the essentials! Finding your dream yacht has never been easier! And so efficient…

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The app from Boat24: search and find with a single click!

The Boat24 app is different because it was designed for ease of use. Rather than trying to impress with a (usually confusing) plethora of features, the app offers an uncomplicated, easy search for the essentials – of your dream yacht!

Buyers take a more targeted approach. They are looking for quick results from an app with a search function that is both as intuitive and detailed as possible. Whether between meetings, on the underground or just after work before going out with friends.
This kind of search on a mobile phone or tablet has been a rather complicated and often frustrating affair until now. Not least because you had to enter the search parameters over and over for each new search attempt.

The Boat24 app takes you to your very own personalised wish list or search feed with a single “click”. The trick is that any number of saved searches can be compiled. If one or more of these search feeds come up with additional offers, the app marks them as “new” and places the freshly discovered dream boats at the top of the list. The individual search feeds are also sorted by recency: the app always places the wish or search list to which a new boat has been added at the top.

While the new app focuses on personalising the search for the dream yacht, you will still have direct access to the complete range of yachts at Boat24. For those who just want to do a little browsing, the Boat24 app’s editor’s choice offers a selection of new boats and interesting articles.

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