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Posting Rules

  • Items may only be advertised once at any given time.
  • The information given in the advertisement must be true.
  • The advertiser must actually be in possession of and thus able to dispose of the item being offered. The boats and engines advertised should not be goods on order or similar.
  • The categories and fields provided by Boat24 may only be used for the purpose intended. In particular, advertisements may not be used to promote events or similar.
  • You are not permitted to insert other images, letters, numbers, i.e. logos, lettering, fonts, telephone numbers, names, keywords instead of photos of the item being advertised or to combine photos with other images, letters, numbers etc. or to change these photos in any other way.
  • One object can be recorded per ad; ie the brand and model can not be changed subsequently.
  • The addition of "sold" or similar is not allowed in the title.
  • In the "price" field the total costs must be included, ie the total amount that the consumer must pay. This includes in particular all taxes and fees.
  • You are not permitted to delete existing advertisements and republish said advertisements again immediately thereafter.