Superum Yachting

Superum Yachting

Yacht brokerage is the essence of our activity. To purchase or to sell a vessel can be a complex and time-consuming process. That’s why you need the right attention and advice, based on experience and knowledge of the industry to provide that the deal goes as smoothly as possible. At Superum Yachting we are prepared to handle the entire process of purchasing or selling and to create a positive experience out of it for our clients.

Our staff is E.M.C.I. certificated and they are the members and co- founders of the Croatian Association of vessel surveyors and brokers.

We offer to our clients: market valuations, advertising, consulting, mediation during registration, yacht surveys, maintenance, transport and insurance.

Superum Yachting maintains long-term working relationships with a number of brokers in Croatia and across Europe to maximize the efficiency and minimize the time in the process of buying or selling a vessel.

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Superum Yachting
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