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[ URL ] has evolved over the past few years to become one of the top trend-setting boat markets on the internet. About 200,000 boats and yachts have currently been advertised for sale, and more than 100,000 registered users refer to the site when looking for a used boat or to sell their boat. We receive positive feedback from satisfied customers on a weekly basis.

  • Big thank you very much for the great portal. Very easy to use even for non-IT freaks. (for example, placing an ad with pictures),. Very good also that you can pay by invoice and the prices are optional. I'll come back to use you again.
  • In the past few years, I was able to sell two boats and now, in a word, also a trailer on this platform. As always, all available "instruments" are easy to use.
  • Have had only positive experiences. Thank you very much.
  • My boat sold within 48 hours. I also found my next boat through boat.24. Very good site!
  • Sold successfully. For me, a positive experience with boat24. Many thanks.
  • Great thing. Sold within 24 hours.
  • Power boat sold quickly and found a top new boat. Thank you very much!
  • Exceeded all my expectations. After a few days, had 8 inquires, with 4 seriously interested parties . The definitive buyer came 3 days after activation of the advertisement.
  • Thanks, my boat has sold! I'll be happy to come back to your site for the next boat I'd like to buy or sell.
  • The number of requests was overwhelming. Thank you.
  • The boat sold on Saturday.
    boat24 is the perfect platform!
  • Within 30 minutes after placing the ad, I was contacted - and my Catamaran was sold.
  • Super platform. Boat sold within 2 weeks.
  • I can recommend this site. The ship has found a buyer.
  • After 24 hours a buyer was found. Worked well.
  • My sail boat sold fast on (URL). Now I'm looking for a power boat. Thanks to the mobile app, I can continue my search when I am traveling Ė that's pretty cool.
  • There are many visitors on your site. We were able to sell our boat fast and are happy to recommend your service. Thank you!
  • I would have been able to sell the boat three times. The other people who were interested were really disappointed that the boat had already sold.
  • Excellent service. My boat was sold after only 2 days. Had only valid inquires.
  • It took about six months to sell my boat, which was still pretty fast, given that it is a special boat and I was looking for an owner who would appreciate it. Thanks for creating this platform.

  • We continuously advertise our wares ( is the best ad platform we've met so far.
  • Thank you very much! Despite the few inquires, boat sold. Quality goes before quantity.
  • The ad for my power boat had many visitors and I received a lot of serious requests. The boat is now sold. Thanks.
  • I could choose the buyer for my boat. I had so many inquires.

  • The platform delivers what it promises.
  • Perfect boat portal, very quick success. Keep it up : -)
  • Got my power boat sold, and 3 weeks later purchased my new one at boat24. Just a great thing, your Web page.
  • This is one of the best platforms for selling boats. I received only serious enquiries and honest offers. This makes selling fun and easy.
  • Thanks, the boat is sold. Thanks again to your team. It went really well.
  • Good service, good distribution and acknowledgment of the ad. Boat is sold!
  • Many interested buyers for my boat. Sold well. I can really recommend Boat24.
  • Through the sale site of boat24, I could easily place my boat and sold it in a few days, thanks to competitive prices.
  • Many thanks. The most inquires came from your portal! Much continued success. I gladly recommend your website.

  • Boat is sold. Compliment to this website. I was very pleasantly surprised at the good service. Wishing you continued success.

  • Very positive impression. Boat sold within four weeks after posting the ad.

  • Picked up and paid cash - a bit lower than asking price- Fast handling. Thank you.
  • Hello Team On 5.9. I posted my ad. Was super easy and fast. On 6.9, I scheduled a viewing for 8.9. On that day I sold the boat by handshake. Then I download your contract, and completed it with buyer via email. On 11/9 the payment of the full purchase price was in my account. Only with the help of your platform and the offered tools and documents, could all this be done. Much praise and many thanks. On Price / Performance, are you really great! Best regards

  • Valuable - Team. I sold my Deltania 20.5 S this morning. The sale came from the buyer discovering the listing on
  • I was not only able to sell my boat but also found a lot of valuable advice on your site. Your site is extremely helpful.
  • Excellent control and very comprehensive information that can be entered easily. Congratulations on this website!
  • I'm impressed with your service Ė my boat sold immediately. is the number one for buying and selling boats!
  • We were very satisfied with the more than 3000 clicks on our ad, and were able to sell successfully. Many thanks and kind regards.
  • It is super easy to place an ad. Thanks and best regards.
  • I would like to share with you, that the Merry Fisher was sold in late May and handed over to the new owner. The new owner found her on the ad with I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to successfully sale the boat on your website.
  • Many thanks. I thought selling a boat would take much longer but I guess it was good value for the money.
  • The boat sold very fast. Thank you.
  • Great, many thanks. You at offer a fantastic service that is easy to use.
  • I sold the yacht on May 5, 2012 and my first internet sale was a great success. If I want to buy or sell a boat again, you'll definitely be my first choice.
  • Your site is very professional and helped me sell my power boat. I will definitely recommend your services.
  • I successfully sold my boat - to the Croatian Adriatic Sea! boat24 is thus widely respected.

  • Dear - Team, the sale worked out, thank you very much. Selling price is almost equal to the offer, no complaints. Otherwise, everything was perfect and professional, and always positive.
  • Through the ad on, I was able to sell my boat in a short time. Thank you.
  • After a few difficulties with the ad (the server was down), I've gotten quite a few inquires.
  • It only took 4 hours to sell my boat. is great!
  • Very good portal. The buyer of my boat also advertised his "antique" with you.
  • I didn't know boat24 previously. It was recommended to me by a colleague. I easily sold my wakeboard boat. Thank you!
  • I've sold my sail boat. I will certainly come back to your site often to browse through the ads.
  • A big thank you. I was satisfied with the sale of my boat, and so was the buyer.
  • Boat is sold.

    Total of 3 bids.
  • 12 requests within 14 days. Either your portal is good, or my price was too low.
  • Thank you! Very good and considerate care, with no frivolous questions. Excellent, thanks!!!
  • Super boat platform for selling boats.
    Many thanks.
  • Thank you for your service. Many clicks with account management. The yacht was successfully sold today.
  • The best boat portal. Sold after 2 weeks. The design and use of the portal are top. Thank you.
  • I would like to sell another boat. Please remember me on this platform.
  • This is a very user-friendly and well-designed platform with a personal touch to it. My boat sold within three months.
  • Boat24 is a real boat portal. You can find everything on the topic of boats. Always happy to visit the pages.
  • Biggest compliments on how user-friendly you've made your platform.

  • Creating advertisements is easy and comfortable. Good application.

  • Dear Team, I have good news to announce. Today I sold my SkilsŲ 23 (CARPE DIEM), compl. with trailer for 10,000. The new boat owner was referred to me by your team via email. The boat was sold, immediately thanks to my trailer. It was worthwhile to use the Christmas / winter offer from you.
  • Boat is sold!

    Super site - no suggestions!!
  • Your Web site and advertisement possibilities are excellent. The price-performance ratio is also very good. Thank you very much.
  • hassle-free advertisement form, super notes on requests, all well, greetings and thanks.
  • About three weeks ago I posted an ad. Today our boat found a new owner. Such a rapid sale and such a great interest, we had really expected. Can really recommend this site with enthusiasm. Many Thanks.
  • Last season, I advertised the boat only in the Hamburger Abendblatt, and this year in several editions.
    My son advised me to advertise on the internet. The boat is sold. I am positively surprised and will recommend you in the sailing club. If possible I ask you not to publish the ad in the yacht.
  • Ad appeared on January 5. Sold on January 8, before the bill for the advertisement arrived. Super site which I can only recommend.
  • Sold after the 3rd listing on

  • I sold the boat seven hours after contact, and have already received the payment!
  • Boat sold after 4 weeks is a super deal. Even got a response to my support request on Christmas day. :o)
  • For my beloved Bavaria, I have found a nice new owner. If I want a boat again, I'll come back to your site.
  • Hello, thank you for your support in the sale. As you can see, the ad was successful with some patience. The sale has been successfully completed. I wish you much success with platform.
  • A great offer came within three days. Thanks.
  • Thanks for your services. The ad was easy to place, the platform reaches the target audience. The ad was very well received and generated a lot of quality inquires. The user price was fair. The boat docking was sold. Your site will be happily recommended.
  • With an affordable price, a sale is progressing quickly.

    5 serious prospects.
  • This is a great platform for selling your boat. The boat sold very quickly. I would choose again if I wanted to buy or sell a boat.
  • I was very satisfied with your Internet site (best site in comparison to the competitors). Much useful information, sold through magazine.
    Many thanks and greetings.
  • Not only did I sell my boat on your site, I also found my new dream boat. Fantastic.
  • The first inquiry was a hit. Thank you and hurrah-hurrah-hurrah for your website.
  • I finally sold my boat. Thank you to the support team for help with the listing. Can only recommend it.
  • Boat sold after 3 days of activation. Your site is awesome!

  • Professional site. Very easy to use and make changes. Friendly support. Can only be recommended.
  • My boat was sold after two weeks. Boat24 works professionally, reliably and with good success. Further...
  • You doing it super!
    No negative points!
    Keep it up!
  • Boat24 is simply number 1 in the boat market. I'll sell my second used boat through your pages.
  • I sold my boat on your page, then searched for a new one via Google. I was brought right back to your page. Simply super!
  • Your user-interface is very clear, simple and user-friendly.
  • Boat24 was recommended by a friend. I will continue to recommend it.
  • The boat is sold. Your service is more than okay. Looking forward to working with you again.
  • Thank for your email. Thanks to my ad on boat24, I found a very nice buyer. I can highly recommend your services.
  • Am very happy. Had many good inquires. Great advantage over boatshop24. On boat24 more images can be displayed, which is a big advantage. Thank you very much.
  • It was super to use Boat24 for my listing. I sold yesterday. Many thanks.
  • I was able to sell my boat exceptionally fast through your ad service. Thank you very much.
  • Great. There were many interested parties within two months, and the boat was sold quickly.
  • I didn't expected even one-third of the number of inquires from interested persons. For me, the advertisement was a great success!
  • I've received great feedback for my ad Ė even though it's winter. Very impressive!
  • I'm very happy with! Your support with all the steps is very helpful!
  • Many thanks for your service.
    The boat was sold within a week.
  • Simply a top page with good quality, enough said.
  • Super Homepage! Your flexibility has especially amazed me. On my suggestion, you created a moorings option and even placed a copy of my ad there. Thank you very much.

  • The Bavaria 820 sailing yacht has been sold. 2 hrs after posting the ad, contact was made by an interested party, and the sale was confirmed within a few days.
  • Scorpio II A Flush sold thanks to! Hello and thank you for the excellent cooperation. We were successful.

  • It was very easy to create the ad. The site is very clear. We were able to sell the boat via
  • Everything went well. It is easy to post an ad.
  • The boat has been sold. The buyer saw the offer displayed on Thank you for publishing the well-made ad.
  • Was really perfect. Now I'm searching for a new boat, naturally also on boat24. Many thanks!
  • Many big thanks
  • Very good website, very good search functions, overall good usability. Will use again.
  • Didn't think my boat would sell so fast. Have advertised three years ago in the Swissboot yachting and various magazines and on the bulletin board in our harbour two years without success. Boat24 is great!
  • Boat is already sold after 4 weeks, thanks to your team.
  • Placing an ad, editing it and deleting it is a clear and simple process. The search function works well. Keep up the good work.
  • This is now the third sale through due to expansions within five years. Super.
  • Sale worked. A good thing. I can highly recommend advertising on Boat24!
  • I was able to sell my boat within two months, thanks to the ad on your site. Thanks a lot as well for your help with the photos.
  • The ship was sold shortly after activating the ad with the desired price on boat24. Super service. Thank you.
  • Thank you for helping me sell my boat within 8 days to the first person who was interested. Excellent work.
  • Finally, after many, many months, I was able to sell the boat. Many thanks to! You do a good job
  • Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, your portal is the best. Experts come together here - not uninformed "bargain hunters". In your portal, the object value is known, and you can negotiate concretely.
  • Whether power boat, sail boat or berth, on your website you get rid of everything. I'm guaranteed to return.
  • All interested parties have responded to your ad, although we had given some ads to other providers!
  • Compliment! Very well structured page. Highly recommended. Contacts came immediately, even though the boat was already sold.
  • Due to our TOP ad, we were able to sell our ship.
  • I sold my boat super-fast. I don't mind paying for a service at all when one gets as many requests as I did on your site. Thank you!
  • Great experience! The boat sold thanks to your site.
  • My ship was sold in one day. No one believed it. Simply the best. I recommend boat24.

  • Many thanks to Team, Our boat found new owners in two weeks.
  • Boat24 is simply number 1 in the boat market. I'll sell my second used boat through your pages.
  • Was surprised how quickly some people jumped on the ad. The boat is already sold. Will recommend you further.
  • My first deal on the Internet. Good platform, even for less experienced users. Thank you!
  • Thank you for the great service. Previously, I found many interested parties, but no potential buyer - that's the way it is. But here, I found my new boat - THANKS!
  • Received many inquires. The dinghy was sold quite fast. Many Thanks!
  • The boat has sold. This is a testimony to the quality of people who visit your site. Thanks!
  • is the best way to sell a boat. Have sold in the last 3 years a power boat and a sail boat very quickly.
  • Great platform and great service. I've also bought my new boat on
  • Thanks to the -Team! I was surprised how fast I got my boat on your site.
  • Despite the end of October, I have been able to sell my boat after a few inquires! Great!
  • Very good site, especially the information on display, visitors, status, etc.
  • We were able to sell our Sea Ray on short notice! We were happy to have a married couple from Geneva as very friendly buyers. We thank you for your valuable support. Especially the purchase contract helped us a lot.
  • Brilliant service from boat24. Troubles upload photos, but 30 minutes later they were online thanks to you.
  • I placed ads for free on several websites but didn't receive nearly as many enquiries as I did on your site. is truly worth every cent.
  • I am super satisfied with your service. I will happily return. Finally, an Internet site that is operated with mind and heart. Thank you very much for all your help and efforts. Boat was easily sold by your ad, and would have probably sold 10 times. First buyer didn't pay, despite written contract. I had already deleted the ad, but you kindly reactivated it. Now boat is sold for the full price. Everything is o.k.
  • Selling power boats and searching on your site is very easy. I've had many positive experiences and would like to speak my praise to you.
  • Hello Boat 24 team.
    Thanks to your platform and support, I was able to sell my sail boat.
    You can delete my listing.
    Thanks for your support, and wishing you a nice weekend and beyond.
  • Thanks very much for your professional site. Worked very well.
  • Thank you for your very good service. Could definitely sell my boat. Therefore my answer to delete the advertisement now.

  • I have no suggestion. Everything went very well!
  • Boat was sold within 2 weeks.
  • If you want to sell a used boat, this is the place. I used the sales agreement you provided and everything worked out perfectly. Thanks.
  • Thanks for your great portal. Your service is fast, reliable and easy to use. Thanks again.
  • Your service provides great value for the price. I'm happy to pay for an ad if I get good quality enquiries. My boat has sold thanks to you!
  • Very good used boat platform, I was surprised by the large out-of-region response, my boat was sold to Austria
  • Very easy and understandable advertising. I'll be back, and will continue to recommend it.
  • Next time I want to sell another boat, I'll remember this platform!
  • The boat is sold! Thank you very much for your service. Unfortunately, no suggestions for improvement to submit. Everything went great for me. I'll gladly be back.
  • Within a few days, several really interested customers contacted me.
  • Very good and honest platform. I'm coming back.
  • Very high response to the ad. Thank you very much.
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Feedbacks“Thank you for helping me sell my boat within 8 days to the first person who was interested. Excellent work.”
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