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1. Can I alter the ad afterwards?

You can customize your ad at any time. This applies to both active and inactive ads. To adjust your ad, log in to your account and click the "Edit Ad" link. Make the desired changes. Complete the process by clicking "Save Ad". If you encounter problems when adjusting your ad, please get in touch with our support team.

2. Why am I unable to log in with my email address?

  • Please check that you have used the correct upper and lower cases in your email address and password. Is the caps lock key activated?
  • Receive your password by email by clicking on the link "Forgot your password?" and enter your email address.

3. I have requested my password by email but still have not received it.

  • Something went wrong while logging in. You may have tried to log in with another email address or mistyped the address or password. Please check and try again.
  • Get in touch with our support team using the contact form and they will be able to help you. Please include your advertisement number or invoice number.

4. Why am I not receiving any email inquiries?

  • You may not have received any inquiries yet.
  • Your email inbox may be full.
  • Please check to see if the emails have landed in your Spam folder.
  • All inquires will be sent and saved to your user account. Please check your account for inquires.
  • There is an error in your email address. In this case please contact our customer support team using the contact form. Include your advertisement number or invoice number for reference.

5. I edited my advertisement but don't see any changes.

The web pages are stored offline by the browser. Refresh the page and your changes should become visible.

6. I submitted my advertisement yesterday but I can't find it on the first few pages.

All advertisements appear in a different order every day. This increases the chances of items being sold even if they were originally advertised some time ago.

7. My advertisement expires tomorrow. Where can I renew it?

  • Renewing your advert is possible. You will receive an automated email notification when your advert expires. This email contains the information required to renew your advert.
  • In your user account, you can extend the running time of your ad. Just click on "extend running time" located directly below your ad.

8. Why can't I upload my photos?

  • Check the file format. Only photos in format .jpg, .jpeg, .png or .gif are accepted.
  • A maximum of 100 images can be added to your ad.
  • The images may be too large.
  • Should any complications occur, select your ad and send us the files.

9. Why are my photos blurry?

Your photos will appear pixelated when the quality (ie the resolution) of your photos are too small. Please use photos in a larger format. At least 800x600 pixels is recommended.

10. I've sold my boat and don't want to receive any more inquiries. How can I delete my advertisement?

Log in to your user account at Boat24. Click "Delete advertisement" on the start page.

11. Where can I view the statistics for my advertisement?

Log in to your user account. You will now be able to see the total number of visitors. Click "Statistics" to view the visitor diagram for the last 30 days. Move your mouse over each date to see the number of visitors on that day.

12. Where can I find my advertisement on Boat24?

  • Please make sure that your ad can be found with the information you have given. When looking for your ad, use only keywords that actually occur in your ad's title.
  • Proof your ad to make sure you've entered the correct manufacturer. The same applies to the type and category. Think about what keywords you want you ad to display.
  • Make sure you have connected your ad to Boat24 and also look at Boat24. Be aware that there are several different market competitors which occur under very similar names.

13. I bought an ad for 90 days, but sold my boat within the first week. Is it possible to get a rebate for the ad?

As stated in our Terms and Conditions, there is no refund of fees once they have been collected. Premature cancellation of the display in no way constitutes a withdrawal from the contract, since Boat24 has already produced its promised performance once an advertisement is published on the servers of Boat24.

14. My email address is not shown. How can a prospective buyer get in touch with me?

In order to protect you from fraud and Spam, your email address is not displayed. Interested parties can contact you via your contact form or the phone number you've given.

15. Why is my email address, phone number and description not displayed?

For security reasons, each ad is individually checked before being activated on our site. This may take up to one business day depending on the workload. We thank you for your understanding.

16. What is the price of publishing an ad on Boat24?

  • The price of the ad depends on the running time.
  • In addition we offer a number of different options to choose from, therefore giving you the best opportunity to increase the visibility of your ad.
  • Additional costs or performance fees are not incurred.

17. Why is my ad no longer online, even though I've just selected a selling option?

The sales options can only be booked for the duration of your ad. If the current term is less than 30 days, the sales option is only activated for this remaining term. However, you can extend the ad runtime at any time, which will also extend the sales option for your ad.

18. I have selected the payment method "per invoice", but so far have not received an invoice. Why?

  • If you have requested the invoice via email, please ensure that your email address has no typos, that your email inbox is not overfilled, or that the invoice has not landed in your Spam folder.
  • It may take several days for invoice delivery via post. If after 7 business days you have not received your invoice, please check to see if your delivery address is written correctly.
  • You can always access your invoices through your user account. Log in to your account using Boat24. Click on the link "invoices" to see an overview of your invoices. Here, you can also view your current payment status.

19. Why don't I receive any new advertisements on my search subscription?

  • No new boast may be advertised with your search criteria.
  • Please ensure that your email address has no typos, that your email inbox is not overfilled, or that the invoice has not landed in your Spam folder.
  • Your subscription has expired. You can extend it again through your user account at any time.

20. Where can I delete my saved search?

You can manage your search criteria in your account, and also delete them at any time.

21. How do I make my ad multilingual?

All standard fields are automatically translated into all languages ​​that we offer. The only exception is the "remarks" field, which is not translated. If you have additional comments about your ad, we encourage you to display this in English.

22. Is my ad shown in other countries?

Your ad will be translated automatically and appears on all country-specific pages, on all domains we operate. boat24.com United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Portugal, Belgium, Norway, Finland, Poland

23. Can I change the category of my ad afterwards?

Each category contains different parameters that are only displayed in this category. A subsequent modification of the category would have the effect that these parameters no longer apply to the inserted object. Since the search is predominantly carried out via the parameters, an advertisement can no longer be unambiguously assigned and can no longer be found by potential buyers. In addition, each ad will have its own identification number when it is created. Using this ID, the entire data is stored, linked and transmitted on our servers. For these reasons it is not possible to change the category later. A corresponding note can also be found in our terms and conditions, item 7 and in our terms of insertion. If you have chosen an incorrect category, please contact support.

24. Can I activate the ad at a later time?

Your ad and messages are stored in your account, and can be reactivated at any time.