• Nicols Yacht Sixto Prestige C
  • Nicols Yacht Sixto Prestige C
  • Nicols Yacht Sixto Prestige C
  • Nicols Yacht Sixto Prestige C
  • Nicols Yacht Sixto Prestige C
  • Nicols Yacht Sixto Prestige C
  • Nicols Yacht Sixto Prestige C
  • Nicols Yacht Sixto Prestige C
  • Nicols Yacht Sixto Prestige C
  • Nicols Yacht Sixto Prestige C
  • Nicols Yacht Sixto Prestige C
  • Nicols Yacht Sixto Prestige C
  • Nicols Yacht Sixto Prestige C

Barca usata, Casa Galleggiante

Nicols Yacht Sixto Prestige C


  • EUR 235.000,-IVA incl.
  • 2017Anno
  • Come nuovoStato
  • Nicols YachtCantiere
  • Sixto Prestige CModello
  • 13,50 m x 3,80 mLunghezza x Larghezza
  • 0,85 mPescaggio
  • 7.100 kgPeso
  • D - Acque riparateCategoria di progettazione CE
  • VetroresinaMateriale
  • bianco whiteColore
  • 10 postiPosti
  • 202 cmheadroom
  • 2 cabineNumero cabine
  • 6 cuccetteNumero cuccette
  • 2 toiletteToilette
  • 2 docciaDoccia
  • 1.050 l AcquaSerbatoio d'acqua
  • 240 l Acque reflueSerbatoio WC
  • Entrobordo con linea d'asse (D-Drive)Propulsione
  • Nanni 4/50Motore
  • 1 x 50 CV / 37 kWPotenza del motore
  • DieselCarburante
  • 270 lSerbatoio combustibile
  • 2017Anno motore
  • 2.100 hOre moto
  • 12 km/hVelocità massima


Francia » Alsace » SAVERNE

Altri dettagli

Created in 2017, the Sixto Prestige C is from the Nicols Estivale range of boats and has two spacious cabins. This canal boat has the highest level of onboard equipment including TV?s with satellite antenna, a microwave, dishwasher, air-conditioning and bow thrusters.

The Nicols Yacht boatyard is:
A French builder / charterer, with 35 years of experience,
a varied range adapted to customer demand,
new models and continuous innovations,
an elegantly designed, sophisticated fleet,
bright, spacious and airy cruisers,
Boats suited to families, with maximum safety
Bases on a human scale (exclusive to NICOL?S ®)
Presence in the most beautiful regions of France, Germany, The Netherlands, Hungary and Portugal

Maintaining your boat
Our river cruisers are rigorously maintained throughout the season, with dry storage every winter, or an examination and full, meticulous service of the deck and hull are performed, accompanied by anti-fouling.

The advantages of Nicol?s service:
Thanks to our network of bases across France, a number of our partners can offer you their services. They have the benefit of full knowledge of our boats combined with real expertise. This is why the base in Port sur Saône, for example, can provide the following services:

Mooring your boat,
Wintering with repairs, etc.
Fitting additional equipment
Obtaining your licence

After Sales Service / Spare parts:
Since Nicol?s is a builder and charterer, we have a warehouse within our boatyard containing spare parts and other accessories. We remain at your disposal at all times to offer you advice and services.

The annual maintenance budget:
The fact that Nicol?s boats are designed with a polyester hull means they have a very low maintenance budget; their simple, practical and rational design, originally created for charter, also contributes to this low maintenance cost.

As an owner, you should plan to have your boat serviced on land every 3 to 4 years. Other than that, in the same way as a car, it is a question of ongoing maintenance: oil change

We do have more boats for sale, please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know what you are looking for and we will find a suitable boat for you.


  • Cucina a gas
  • Microonde
  • Forno
  • Lavandino
  • Frigorifero
  • Congelatore
  • Lavastoviglie
  • Collegamento alla terraferma
  • Batteria
  • Caricabatterie
  • Invertitore
  • Generatore
  • fanale di navigazione.
  • Sensore d'allarme gas
  • Ancora
  • Elica di prua
  • Elica di poppa
  • Pompa di sentina
  • Estintore
  • Impianto antincendio
  • Riscaldamento
  • Aria Condizionata
  • WC elettrico
  • Impianto d'acqua calda
  • Televisore a colori
  • Antenna satellitare
  • Radio
  • Connettore Bluetooth
  • Plancetta di poppa manuale
  • Scaletta bagno
  • Passerella
  • Doccia di coperta
  • Telone flybridge


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