Williams Turbojet 325

Zeer mooie Williams zeer weinig vaaruren, compleet met GPS, haven afdekzeil. Inruil huidige bijboot

EUR 21 950
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Very nice Williams very few sailing hours, complete with GPS, harbor tarpaulin. Trade in current dinghy is possible

Source: website williams.

The Turbojet 325 flies forward from 0 to 20 knots in four seconds and does not stop until you have more than 40 knots. As with the entire range of Turbojets, this performance is made possible by the torquey 98hp Weber motor driven by a high performance pump system. The spatial design of the Turbojet 325's can keep four adults and a child comfortable. Luggage is stored in the front safe and under the central seats. The hull length promotes excellent low speed planning and provides an extremely stable surface for safe embarkation/disembarkation.

As with all Turbojets, the fuel consumption is impressive, which makes prolonged use of the tender between refuelling and cruising along the coast truly possible. A quality choice for the demanding yacht owner.

Bestboats is Dealer of Pirelli jet tenders, this willimans has been exchanged for a new pirelli.

If you are interested in this Williams or possibly a Pirellie jet tender, we would like to invite you for an appointment in our sales harbour in Roermond.

We have several new pirelli jets tendes and young used jet boats in stock.

GeneralCE-category: 4 air chamber in the tubesOther: This william is very well maintained and has been used only as a dinghy on a large yacht which has sailed out on fresh water.

This Williams can also be placed in a Tendergarage mar also with a Passarelle on the aft deck.

Technical info for use with pasarelle or tender garage:

Total height with detachable handlebar = 80 cm

Total height with fixed handlebar = 96 cm

Lift points are permanently integrated in the boat, lifting point = 1.94 m
Engine, electrics, waterPower: 100 HP


  • GPS

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Williams Turbojet 325
Williams Turbojet 325
Williams Turbojet 325 Williams Turbojet 325 Williams Turbojet 325 Williams Turbojet 325 Williams Turbojet 325 Williams Turbojet 325 Williams Turbojet 325 Williams Turbojet 325 Williams Turbojet 325
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