• Elan Impression 45.1
  • Elan Impression 45.1

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Elan Impression 45.1

Nueva impresión!

  • EUR 249.000,-incl. IVA
    • 13,51 m x 4,18 meslora x manga
    • 1,90 mcalado
    • Plástico GFKmaterial


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    New impression!GeneralOther: CERTIFICATION

    The Impression 45.1 is delivered with a CE class A certificate and meets the requirements of European directive 2013//53//EU for a recreational craft.


    Laminated with VAIL - Vacuum Assisted Infusion Lamination, technology with longitudinal 3D VAIL stringer, to considerably improve strengthmechanical and chemical properties of the hull. High quality materials, SVG gelcoat for optimal chemical resistance against osmosis and mirror finish, sandwich construction using multi-directional fibreglass, structural closed cells foam core on hull sides and single skin on hull bottom and loaded areas, vinyl ester skin coat and Isophtalic polyester resin are used for a high quality product. Powerful inner structure distributes all loads from the throat and rig effectively with a minimum flexing of the hull.


    - Sandwich hand lamination technology using Balsa core to ensure thermal

    and sound isolation, moulded anti-slip surface on deck and coach roof.


    - 1.90m draft cast iron L shape throat


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