MasterCraft X2-Star Wakeboard

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  • Barcos a motor
  • Bote de cubierta
  • MasterCraft (barcos a motor)
  • X2-Star Wakeboard
  • Barcos de ocasión
  • 2004
  • buena
  • 6,88 m
  • 2,41 m
  • 0,57 m
  • 1383 kg
  • 12
  • Plástico GFK
  • azul
  • Motor interior con ola
  • Mastercraft Predator V8 5,7 L
  • 1 x 310 CV / 228 kW
  • Gasolina
  • 125 l


España » Baleares » Cala d´Or / Mallorca (Tiene un amarre)

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It's rare to find a boat with the pedigree of the X-2. As MasterCraft's former flagship wakeboarding model, it was the official tow boat of seven X Games and numerous other pro events. Wakeboarding boats have since exploded in both popularity and sheer size, yet the X-2 remains a rare find for getting such high performance out of such a compact hull.
Direct-drives hardly come with a 90-inch beam anymore, let alone a V-drive like this. The X-2 makes the most of that width with an especially tight turning radius and very responsive handling. There's still room in the interior for plush L-shaped passenger seating around the driver's console. Seats there and in the open bow shift for access to lots of storage compartments.
MasterCraft continues to enhance the X-2, this time with a two-piece collapsing tower, rotating board racks and hull graphics as new upgrades for 2005.

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This may be the same boat once used by the top pros, but that shouldn't scare off beginners from getting behind the X-2. The table is narrow enough that even new riders can master jumping wake to wake. Intermediate riders can push the button to fill the 700-pound ballast system for bigger, thicker wakes that sport rounded peaks. All levels of riders can confidently pop off these swells for spins, inverts or more advanced maneuvers. Pulls are quick and steady with the fast acceleration and stable handling of the 90-inch-wide X-2. Equipped with a full wakeboarding package, it's ready for riding as soon as you take it off the showroom floor.

• The X-2 has a long history of towing pros, dating back to its 1996 debut as the original X-Star.
• A 90-inch beam helps create nimble direct-drive-style handling in a V-drive.
• Outfitted with tower, board racks and 700-pound ballast system.
• These wakes aren't just for pros anymore —beginners benefit from sculpted wakes with a narrow table.
• Interior accommodations, storage compartments and overall styling similar to those of larger models in the X-Series.

Top Speed 45.9 mph 5,100 rpm
Accel. to 30 mph 4.8 sec. 113.1 ft.
Accel. to 36 mph 6.4 sec. 187.9 ft.
Noise Levels (db) Neutral 86 D 84 R, 36 mph 95 D 94 R

Length 20 ft. 7 in. Beam 90 in.
Seating Capacity 11
Fuel Capacity 33 gal.
Test Prop OJ 13.7 x 17 4-blade
Test Engine Indmar MCX 5.7L, 350 HP
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<b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/>Not a original picture - but similar
<b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/>Not a original picture - but similar
<b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/> <b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/> <b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/> <b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/> <b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/> <b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/> <b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/> <b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/> <b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/>
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<b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/>Not a original picture - but similar<b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/>Not a original picture - but similar<b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/><b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/><b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/><b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/><b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/><b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/><b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/><b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/><b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/><b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/><b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/><b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/><b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/><b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/><b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/><b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/><b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/><b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/><b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/><b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/><b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/><b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/><b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/><b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/><b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/><b>Mastercraft x2 (2004)</b><br/>
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