• Bénéteau First 14 SE
  • Bénéteau First 14 SE
  • Bénéteau First 14 SE
  • Bénéteau First 14 SE
  • Bénéteau First 14 SE
  • Bénéteau First 14 SE
  • Bénéteau First 14 SE
  • Bénéteau First 14 SE

New boat on order, Sailing Dinghy

Bénéteau First 14 SE

Seascape Edition - available now!

  • EUR 13.145,-incl. VAT, currently on order
    • 4.30 m x 1.70 mLength x Width
    • 0.10 - 1.00 mDraft
    • 74 kgDisplacement
    • GRPMaterial
    • white whiteHull Color
    • Tiller SteeringSteering
    • 7 m² (Battened Mainsail)Mainsail
    • 3 m² (self-tacking jib, Roller Furling)Jib
    • 13 m²Gennaker


    Germany » Hannover - Seelze


    Effortless-to-handle, entry-level dinghy thanks to smart design features ? stable hull; big, clean and ergonomic cockpit; simplified control lines, furling and self-tacking jib, gennaker snuffer system, higher boom and no trapeze.
    Adaptable to single- and double-handed crews alike without compromising sailing experience, thanks to two centreboard slots and furling jib for on-the-go sail changes. Ideal for newcomer?s introduction to sailing.
    Light, modern, wide and flat planing hull design and wave-piercing
    bow result in a very stable dinghy, built with high-quality vacuum
    infusion sandwich technology.
    Modern wide and flat hull shape with strong chains and piercing bow results in an extremely stable and safe dinghy which gives the crew sufficient hiking momentum. That?s why she can be easily sailed without a trapeze.
    Mobility 2.0
    Freedom on the water is enhanced by unique removable wheels that will allow you to explore distant shores without the need to return to the starting point. Most hidden, wild and beautiful beaches are now easily accessible as never before.
    On land, she is light enough to be transported on the car?s roof, so you will be able to take her everywhere with you. Thanks to flat bench design, she can be easily transported turned upside-down, and dividable mast and equipment easily fit into the hull, so the car?s backpack remains free for your family?s belongings.



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