Sail boats are divided into the categories dinghy and keel boat. Dinghies have a skeg and can therefore capsize but not sink because the hull will float while capsized. The keel yacht can not capsize because the keel acts as a counterweight, however the keel yacht may sink if there is leakage due to too few buoyancy forces present. Exceptions are, for example, the unsinkable yacht models from Etap. A yacht with a keel (with ballast) is called either a keel yacht, sail yacht or just sail boat - although the term sail boat is also used for sailing dinghies.

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Catathai 50 Catamaran
Catathai 50
Sailing Boat, Catamaran
15.25 x 8.00 m | 2 x 53 HP
Malaysia » Langkawi

EUR 495.000,-

  • 2015
  • 1.44 m
  • 13'456 kg
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Plastivela kudu Keelboat
Plastivela kudu
Sailing Boat, Keelboat
7.60 x 2.80 m
Italy » Liguria » loano

EUR 9.000,-basis for negotiation

  • 1982
  • 1.45 m
  • 1'800 kg
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Trad. Cruiser Racer Cruising yacht
Trad. Cruiser Racer
SHE 36 (3/4 ton)
11.03 x 3.18 m | 1 x 27 HP
Switzerland » Lake Constance » Goldach / SG

EUR 55.000,-basis for negotiation

  • 1976
  • 1.95 m
  • 6'300 kg
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