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Transfer petrol or diesel

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This pump hose has a one-way valve with a pump function for pumping almost all liquids.
Without electricity, quickly, safely and without spilling anything.
Move the hose quickly up and down without taking it out of the liquid. Continue pumping until the liquid overflows. From then on the pumping movement can be stopped and the liquid continues on its own. The vessel to be pumped out must be higher than the one to be filled.

Media to be promoted: petrol, diesel, petrol, kerosene, heating oil, thinner, alcohols, cleaning agents, water, salt water, fertilizers, sprays.
After pumping chemicals, acids and bases, the transfer pump must be rinsed thoroughly with clean water.

Peristaltic pump ideally suited to transfer petrol or diesel from a large to a small jug.

Hose Ø 13 mm / 1/2 \ "
Hose L approx. 1.65 m
Flow approx. 10 l / min.

available in various sizes at: www.allenspach-bernhard.ch


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