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Boarncruiser 46 Classic Line New Boat

Technical data: Boarncruiser 46 Classic Line (New Boat)

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Technical data

  • 14.00 m 46 ft
  • 4.55 m 15 ft
  • 1.25 m 4 ft
  • 21000 kg 21.00 t
  • 1 x 210 PS/155 kw Deutz DTA66 Diesel
  • 1100 l
  • 1100 l
*This offer is an entry from our boat catalog. The images shown and the technical data may differ from the actual product. does not assume any liability for the correctness and completeness of the technical data or the equipment features.


Interiors & Cabin Layout Boarncruiser 46 Classic Line (Layout)
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Feedbacks“Many thanks. I thought selling a boat would take much longer but I guess it was good value for the money. ”
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