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Selling or buying a boat in times of Covid-19

How does the current situation affect the boat market?

We have put together a few important questions and answers on this topic for you.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Europe is currently at a standstill. Most countries have decided for extreme restrictions of leisure and tourist activities. This limitation also applies to marinas. Many ports are currently closed. In this situation boat visits and water trials are often impossible. Even in regions without restrictions, a visit is not an option due to the risk of infection.

In the current situation, interest in luxury goods such as boats is of secondary importance. Nevertheless do not forget that many people currently have a lot of time to research, plan and dream.

As a boat market with more than 13'800 ads we offer a lot of possibilities.

Operations and Customer Support is still guaranteed with us to the usual extent. We are at your disposal for any further questions and information:

Boat sale

What you need to know if you want to sell a boat:

Visitor count

We can reassure you. At the current time, we are still seeing more than 20'000 visitors per day. We are currently seeing a slight decline compared to the same period last year. After the first "shock", access has already recovered somewhat in the past few days.


Fewer requests are being sent at the moment. This is certainly due to the fact that no visits can be carried out. Currently there is more research being done, and boats are being bookmarked in the Favorites function. As soon as the situation is alleviated, many inquiries will be answered.

Because most people now must stay home, as an advertiser you will not be receiving viewing requests. Many inquiries are currently a first exchange for further information about the offer.

What are the alternatives to a personal visit?

If you have access to your boat, you can use a smartphone and a video telephony function (e.g. Facetime, WhatsApp) to show potential buyers a very good first impression of the boat. When there is further interest, you can schedule a personal viewing for a later time

I have already placed my ad and would like to pause

Due to technical reasons, it is not possible to pause the advertisement. You can hide the advertisement in your user account at any time. Please note that the term remains unaffected.
Despite the difficult situation, we recommend that you leave the ad active.

For potential buyers, the Internet is currently the only way to access their vessel.

Has traffic to my ad decreased?

We see a slight decrease in traffic in private advertisements. You can check your advert's success in your User Account at any time:

User Account
(Click on the link: Statistics)

Are there any new ads at all?

New advertisements will continue to be published every day, albeit a little less than usual.

Boats for Sale

What you need to know if you want to buy a boat:

I want to buy a boat. How do I start?

Because visits cannot be carried out at the moment, we recommend using our Favorites function, where you can mark and save vessels you're interested in. It's also advisable to contact the seller via phone, email or WhatsApp, to learn more details about your choices.