• STR 530 Sport
  • STR 530 Sport
  • STR 530 Sport
  • STR 530 Sport
  • STR 530 Sport
  • STR 530 Sport
  • STR 530 Sport
  • STR 530 Sport
  • STR 530 Sport
  • STR 530 Sport
  • STR 530 Sport
  • STR 530 Sport
  • STR 530 Sport
  • STR 530 Sport
  • STR 530 Sport

Neuboot ab Lager, Fischerboot, Motoryacht, Sportboot

STR 530 Sport

  • EUR 10.800,-
  • 2022Baujahr
  • neuZustand
  • STR 530 SportModell
  • 5,03 m x 2,07 mLänge x Breite
  • 0,45 mTiefgang
  • 530 kgVerdrängung
  • C - Küstennahe GewässerCE-Kennzeichnung
  • Kunststoff GfKMaterial
  • 6 Personenzugel. Personenzahl


Polen » Szczecin


The presented motorboat is a comfortable and multifunctional combination of a small cabin and an open boat. At the stern you can find a spacious three-chamber locker with easy access to the fuel tank. In the bow part there is a large sun deck, which, thanks to a fold-out table, extends the functionality of the boat. Over the years of experience, we have noticed that the most attractive boats are those with a sporty design. Thanks to it, the unit looks modern on the water and attracts the eye. The presented photos are for reference only. Each boat is personalized for the customer. The lead time is about 10 weeks. If you are a trader, please write to me. We will surely reach an agreement. Our company also deals with the transport of boats

Colour: White
Sidestripe colour: Black

Helmsman seat with telescopic leg and adjustable rail.
Rear backseat

Plexiglass windshield with UV filter
Lockable console with a flapper
Steering wheel
3x Cupholders

Sundeck setup:
Foldable table located in the middle of the
sundeck. Built-in locker

Standard equipment:
o High-quality waterproof and UV-resistant nautical upholstery (7 elements).
Sun deck, back seat, rear seat backrest + 4x Bow Railing Rolls
o Electrical Installation - LED navigation lights, rear antenna with top-light,
power switch, fuse board, 12V socket
o Fuel Installation – 60L fuel tank, breathe valve fuel level sensor, stainless steel fuel inlet
o 4-step foldable rear ladder
o Type C very thick and durable bumper stripe with stainless steel endings
o 2x fore cleats 150 mm
o 2x stern cleats 150 mm
o Stainless steel handrailings- Stern- ? 22mm, Bow- ? 25mm
o Battery locker
o Anchor guide roller
o Automatic bilge pump
o Locker with an access to a fuel tank
o On-deck water draining system
o Mechanical steering system
o Mooring eyes (front and stern)
o Anchor locker

Additional Equipment:
• Side color other then black
• Bimini sun-canopy with stainless steel frame
• Bimini adjusting rails
• Cabrio (includes bimini)
• Boat cover
• Standard passenger seat
• Premium passenger seat
• Replacement of the standard seat with the premium one
• Synthetic Teak made of Vendeck
• Window
• Bathing platforms with 5-step lader
• Synthetic teak for the platform
• Water tank with shower
• Refrigerator
• Radio
• Hydraulic steering system


  • Bilgepumpe
  • Navigationsbeleuchtung
  • Badeleiter


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