• Bachs hvalpsond DYNAMIC CHAPS 43
  • Bachs hvalpsond DYNAMIC CHAPS 43
  • Bachs hvalpsond DYNAMIC CHAPS 43
  • Bachs hvalpsond DYNAMIC CHAPS 43
  • Bachs hvalpsond DYNAMIC CHAPS 43
  • Bachs hvalpsond DYNAMIC CHAPS 43
  • Bachs hvalpsond DYNAMIC CHAPS 43
  • Bachs hvalpsond DYNAMIC CHAPS 43
  • Bachs hvalpsond DYNAMIC CHAPS 43
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Tweedehands boot, Zeiljacht

Bachs hvalpsond DYNAMIC CHAPS 43

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  • EUR 90.000,-incl. btw
  • 1989Bouwjaar
  • 13,00 m x 3,40 mLengte x Breedte
  • 2,00 mDiepgang
  • Glasvezelversterkte kunststof GVKMateriaal
  • Korte kielType kiel
  • 3 huttenAantal hutten
  • YANMARMotor
  • 1 x 54 PS / 40 kWMotorvermogen
  • 260 l DieselBrandstof
  • 150 hBedrijfsuren motor


Frankrijk » Marseille


1989 Bachs hvalpsond DYNAMIC CHAPS 43, EUR 90.000,-

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XBOAT ref :5352.
Dynamic 43 - Shoneewandoah Builder: Bachs-Lyst shipyard - Denmark - Designed and designed by Jan Kjaerulff Year of Construction: December 1989 - The seller has owned the boat since May 1995. It is a remarkable close and close boat. The boat originally had 4 double cabins + 2 beds in the square, and 2 bathrooms each with their own toilet. Cozy teak interior, height under barrot: 1.83 m This is a single-design offshore regatta boat designed for crew navigation, perfectly balanced, fast, steep to the canvas thanks to its deep ballast. It has been transformed for solo navigation, which has been its use since May 1995, and during the 27 years of its use by the current owner. Ba: ?EUR? Length: 13.05 m ?EUR? Master bau: 3.40 m ?EUR? Draft: 2.05 m ?EUR? Length of the mast: 19.90 m ?EUR? Height drift: 1.70 m (the boat can turn almost around its keel) ?EUR? Ballast: 3100 kg (very steep boat on canvas) ?EUR? Displacement: 7,200 Tons ?EUR? Surface area near large sail + Genoese 137%: 108 m² ?EUR? Fast speed with engine 9.8 Knots ?EUR? Fastest sailing speed reached by the owner always solo: 15.6 Knots ?EUR? All maneuvers brought back to the cockpit: 31 maneuvers in the cockpit on 7 winch self-talling including an electric 46. Rigging: ?EUR? Rigging 7/8th ?EUR? 3-stage boom bars and shrink mast ?EUR? with high and low adjustable bastaques ?EUR? Flying etai ?EUR? Adjustable pataras ?EUR? 2 tangons + one jockey pole ?EUR? Fixed mast ladder ?EUR? Last replacement of the dormant rigging: 2006 Sailing: ?EUR? Large sail North 3 DL molded in twaron + carbon, little sailed, full batten 57 m² on Fredericksen ball cart ?EUR? Second mainsail in new condition (but of no interest) ?EUR? Genoese North 3 DL molded in twaron + carbon, 51 m², little navigated, ?EUR? Genoese 130% in almost new condition ?EUR? Trinquette reducible by ris (2) on the flying prop, ?EUR? Tormentin ?EUR? Asymmetrical Spi ?EUR? Light Spi Fittings: ?EUR? Genoa reel, ?EUR? Fredericsen ball slatted mainsail trolley ?EUR? 2 Andersen winch of 52 on the edges of the cockpit ?EUR? 2 Anderson winch of 40 on the edges of the cockpit ?EUR? An Andersen port roof winch of 40 ?EUR? An Andersen electric starboard roof winch 46 ?EUR? An Andersen 46 ?EUR? An Andersen 46 ?EUR? An Andersen 46 ?EUR? An Andersen 46 ?EUR? An Andersen 46 roof winch second starboard roof winch of 28. ?EUR? 2 bastaque blockers ?EUR? 2 roof blocker pianos: port side 7; Starboard: 12 ?EUR? Various other blockers ?EUR? Genoa rails with hoist-adjustable trolley and with locking ?EUR? Harken trolley trinquette rails adjustable by hoist and with locking ?EUR? Set of maneuvers returned to the cockpit: 31 maneuvers in the cockpit ?EUR? Un guindeau Lofrans 1600 W ?EUR? Mouillage en chaine de 10 de 55 mètres de long ; ancre soc de charrue de 20 kg Motorisation - propulsion: ?EUR? Yanmar 54 CV avec quadruple production électrique : 2 génératrices 220 V excitable et en prise direct sur la ligne du moteur + 2 alternateurs 12 V, l?EUR?un de 80 A pour la batterie moteur, l?EUR?autre de 110 A excitable et avec maintien d?EUR?intensité load for the service fleet. ?EUR? The engine has about 150 hours since new ?EUR? Sail drive ?EUR? Volvo folding triple propeller ?EUR? Outdoor engine control ?EUR? Interior engine control ?EUR? Bow thruster Dilapidated ?EUR? Gas-oil tank 80 l + 180 liters Electricity: ?EUR? 5 sources of electric current generation: the 4 mentioned above in the motorization section as well as a solar panel of deckhouse of charge maintenance Accessory equipment: ?EUR? A desalinator: ?EUR? 1 fridge with water-cooled group ?EUR? 1 fridge/freezer with water-cooled group (fridge or freezer, but not the 2 at once) Electronics: ?EUR? Raymarine -Very equipped, and in particular: ?EUR? GPS and Raymarine E80 mapping ?EUR? Many repeaters

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  • Oven
  • Diepvries
  • Radar
  • Anker


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