• Karnic 702 SL
  • Karnic 702 SL
  • Karnic 702 SL
  • Karnic 702 SL
  • Karnic 702 SL
  • Karnic 702 SL
  • Karnic 702 SL
  • Karnic 702 SL
  • Karnic 702 SL

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Karnic 702 SL

  • EUR 39.590,-incl. btw
  • 2020jaar
  • 7,80 m x 2,45 mlengte x breedte
  • 1450 kgverplaatsing
  • 8 personenpersonen, max. aantal
  • 1 cabineaantal hutten
  • 1 douchedouches
  • 200 lbrandstoftank


ItaliĆ« » Venezia


The 702 SL of Karnic is definitely one of the most innovative European nautical panorama boats, offers a lean and aggressive, with safe and easy bow access. long is 780 cm long and 245 cm. Thanks to these measures and to its weight, 1450 Kg, is available, that is transportable by road pulled by a car. Is a versatile watercraft, i.e. it can be used for many different purposes. For a day, for a few days, to fish. Like all models of Cypriot shipyard Karnic, can be set up and configured by choosing among the various solutions proposed by the manufacturer. There are, for example, four different layouts of the cockpit: free for fishing or with aft sofa configured in various ways. Has a booth that allows you to stay overnight or just to relax during the day. There is also a separate bathroom. A precious Walnut wood covers Interior. The forecastle deck is raised to give height to the compartment below deck. The broad shape of the mattress should not deceive; below, the hull is narrow to cleave the waves. With few accessories can transform into a sport fisherman with a hard top. The hull has been computer-designed, shaped by robotized cutters and is constructed from vinyl ester resins that are more resistant to osmosis, the water penetration into the resin. The bilge is completely filled with polyurethane foam, so the bottom of the hull is not floodable.

Staging and technical:
Deck Shower.


Cushions, Stern Cushions, Bow Cushions.


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