• Eolo AS 590 WA (Package)
  • Eolo AS 590 WA (Package)
  • Eolo AS 590 WA (Package)
  • Eolo AS 590 WA (Package)
  • Eolo AS 590 WA (Package)
  • Eolo AS 590 WA (Package)
  • Eolo AS 590 WA (Package)
  • Eolo AS 590 WA (Package)
  • Eolo AS 590 WA (Package)

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Eolo AS 590 WA (Package)

  • EUR 32.000,-incl. btw
  • 2021jaar
  • 5,90 m x 2,50 mlengte x breedte
  • 850 kgverplaatsing
  • 6 personenpersonen, max. aantal
  • Mercury EFImotor
  • 1 x 115 PS / 85 kWmotorvermogen
  • Loodvrije benzinebrandstof
  • 90 lbrandstoftank


ItaliĆ« » Venezia


The watchword for Eolo 590 Day is definitely comfort. The most obvious evidence is the large sundress
and the comfortable sofas that complete the extension of the aft sundress. Performance
and the ease of driving make it perfect to become part of the Eolo world.

Staging and technical:
Deck Shower (Con autoclave), Entry door, swimming ladder, cockpit table, Horn.

Domestic Facilities onboard:
12V Outlets.

Cushions (Con Prolunga Prendisole), Stern Cushions, Bow Cushions, Sunshade (3 Archi Alluminio).

Accessories notes:
Engine and Electrical Assembly
Battery and battery detachment
In stainless Windshield Pulpit
Gasoline Tank


  • Kompas
  • Snelheidsmeter
  • Dompelpomp
  • Accu


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