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Welcome to Ancasta International Boat Sales
'During the last 30 years our aim has remained the same. To build relationships with our clients that last throughout the life of their boating enjoyment. Today the Ancasta Group is well equipped to offer all of our clients the complete boating service from buying your first boat, right through to selling your last. There is an old adage that says these are the two happiest days of an owner's life, but at Ancasta we try to make sure that everything in between is just as good too.
'Buying a boat from an Ancasta broker is a dream come true, and we make sure that the dream stays with you until the very last day that you own a boat. Our network of 18 offices is the largest boat sales network in Europe, and we've worked hard to ensure that you enjoy the same impeccable service from each and every broker in each and every office. All of our brokers are professional trained and qualified by ABYA (Association of Brokers and Yacht Agents) to ensure your total protection throughout the Ancasta buying process, which means that all you have to worry about is choosing the right boat, and let us do the rest.
'The Ancasta Group is unrivalled in its product offering, and this has been a key to our success in attracting more and more clients into our network. The Ancasta network offers approximately 1000 used boats for sale, as well as new boats from Beneteau Yachts, Lagoon Catamarans and CNB Yachts. Our separate Ancasta Yachts Department is firmly established in the bigger boat market looking after high value clients and boats, and the Ancasta Multihulls and Sealine South Coast departments are offering a personal tailored service to these specialist clients.
'The Ancasta Group includes Hamble Yacht Services which offers all of our clients an unrivalled facility with a world wide reputation. HYS operates from Port Hamble and Universal Marina, regularly handling high profile projects, refitting and repairing some of the world's best known fleets and boats. However, a short walk around the HYS yard will reveal an abundance of small boat owners making use of this pool of professional expertise and unrivalled craftsmanship for their own general service and maintenance requirements. Our operation at HYS is consistent with our commitment to our clients to provide a total service throughout the life of their boating interest, and we're very proud of the benefits such a yard can bring to the relationship we have with our clients.
'Every year, Ancasta sells over 700 boats, and every year, thanks to the support of our clients, our business continues to grow. We sincerely look forward to providing you with all the products and services you need in the years ahead.
'Nick Griffith
'Managing Director

Ancasta Port Hamble

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