Multipurpose Expedition & Research Vesse

EUR 420.000,-
inkl. MwSt.
  • Motorboote
  • Arbeitsboot
  • Multipurpose Expedition & Research Vesse
  • Gebrauchtboot
  • 2001
  • 14,80 m
  • 5,95 m
  • 2,80 m
  • 89 kg
  • Stahl
  • Cummins 6 Cta 8.3 M, 255 Bhp


Schweden » Öckerö

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Mira is built for adventure and challenges, she can handel grounding with full speed. She has 4 tons of lead in the keel to raise up from 90 degrees. Adventure,Diving and Survival in cold waters ! Insulated and heated to minus 35 Celcius. Medium ice breaking  stern trimm tanks. No geographical restrictions. Authority approved construction and stab. Within 15m and 100 tons new IMO rule. Keel cooling and dry exhaust. 8 Paying crew 4 cabins, 2-4 crew 2 cabins. Big provision storage capacity. Cargo hold capacity 20 m3 nett. 26 tons. Crane/liftingcapacity 1,5 tons by 4 m. Fuel cons. 7,5 knots 8000 nm. 18 l./hour. Permits 3 tons cargo on Weather deck. 5M. Aluminium working tender with 80 Hp. Main engin Cummins continuous rated. Bow thruster hydr. Hundested 50 Hp. Aux. Generator Lugger 8,5 Kw. Hydr. Anchorwinch 85m of studlink chain. Mira breathes adventure and she can be yours.


Sea Independent

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